nagore abogados

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Our firm


nagore abogados is a law firm which was specifically formed and designed, by lawyers drawn from different jurisdictions, with the needs of the local and international business communities in mind.



Our objective


We aim to supply quality legal services to the highest professional standards. We will only accept instructions from a client if we are satisfied that we can handle its case in a competent and professional manner.



The way we work


Our client is also our closest colleague. We are energetic in the way we carry out our work, and believe in maintaining an intense working relationship with our client. We are accustomed to spending time on our clients' premises, and indeed we firmly believe that it is often difficult to appreciate a client's problems and consequently properly advise it without visiting its premises and gaining first-hand experience of its business. We also believe in establishing a long-term personal relationship between our client and the member of our firm handling its affairs.


 Working languages


English, french, italian, german, spanish and basque.